A large new cleanroom build was nearing completion. However, the builders were to hand the unit over with just a builders clean and not a commission clean. A commissioning of the cleanroom would also need to include Environmental Monitoring microbial results.


Without the unit being fully commissioned they could not start production. The client had never performed a commission clean of a cleanroom before and needed the unit to be up and running as quick as possible.
Sales Orders for products were forecast for the first month of unit being built however the delay in commissioning would delay production considerably as EM results would take some time due to incubation.
Cleanroom Zone had extensive knowledge in commissioning cleaning and were able to put their standard procedures forward to perform the clean. They carried stock of all materials and consumables off the shelf and were able to start from day 1 of handover. Through their partner company ‘Assured Micro ltd’ they were able to schedule environmental monitoring of the areas to tie in with cleaning duties and ensured the timeframes were kept to a minimum, working weekends and after hours to ensure manufacturing  could be started as soon as possible.
Cleanroom Zone again demonstrated their unique flexibility in making this possible in such a short time frame. Their partnership with Assured Micro showed the benefits of having a complimentary service and enabled the scheduling to be water tight without the client having to worry or organise. The area was successfully commissioned and manufacturing was able to start.

Customer quote – We were so relived Cleanroom Zone could handle this for us. It ensured we were able to make our first quarter trading results which were critical in cash flow. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cleanroom Zone to other potential clients. Director, Pharm Company, Scotland.