ANON company were seeing rapid growth in one of their drug products, which ramped up their manufacturing duties.


The additional increase in manufacturing resulted in a higher occupancy of operators to the cleanroom areas which increased the microbial counts. In addition the internal cleaning team were now focusing on targets of increased manufacturing which resulted in less time spent cleaning.

New staff were sourced by the customer to help address the additional cleaning but they were soon falling into more manufacturing based roles and cleaning tasks were getting pushed further down the list of priorities.

There was a high proportion (>6%) of the product getting rejected as the bacterial counts were out with specification and failing final product testing. This was mainly due to unclean manufacturing and support areas. The costs of rejected product were huge. In addition they could face a legal battle with their client for not meeting targets and supplying a poor product.
Cleanroom Zone were contacted and brought in as a consultant to discuss the issues. After consultancy the Cleanroom Zone cleaning team were introduced into the facility on a weekly basis to give the areas an intense deep clean. Following the 1st clean the results of contamination dropped significantly and results have been in specification since. Daily cleaning is still performed by the internal cleaning team however it’s not as labour intensive as Cleanroom Zone handle a deep clean each week which reduces the contamination levels throughout the facility. Product rejection is now <0.075%.
Cleanroom Zone had the internal expertise, equipment and skills to fully clean the areas to get the areas back into specification. They demonstrated great flexibility in meeting the clients time frames to get the 1st clean performed to meet deadline for product delivery.

Customer quote – Cleanroom Zone provided an unrivalled service that meets all regulatory demands. Their team provides a great service and flexibility 24 hours per day. We are so pleased to get our areas back into specification routinely and its one less thing to worry about knowing the cleaning will be handled correctly and efficiently.  Production Manager, ANON company, Glasgow